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List of useful links to carryout more research and discover reports and datat.

Best for Britain

Having left the EU, our mission is to keep the U.K. strongly connected to our
nearest neighbours by campaigning for the closest possible future relationship with

European Movement

The European Movement UK is an independent all-party pressure group in the
United Kingdom which campaigns for a close relationship with European Union,
and to ensure that European values, standards, and rights are upheld in British law
post-Brexit. It is part of the European Movement International which pushes for a
"democratic, federal, enlarged European Union". It is the most prominent proEurope group in Britain.

March for change

March for Change is a campaigning organisation all about citizen empowerment in the political issues of the day. We work with grassroots, local groups and partner campaigns to make sure politicians are putting public concerns first.

Our mission is to defend the UK's NHS, environmental and agri-food standards as
well as citizens rights and freedoms in the upcoming US trade negotiation, and
advocate for the closest possible relationship with our friends and allies in Europe.

Grass roots for Europe

Since its formation in 2018, the purpose of Grassroots for Europe has been to
coordinate, strengthen and provide a voice for grassroots pro-EU campaigns in the
UK and for UK citizens in the EU.

Grassroots for Europe is a network of over 250 local pro-EU campaign groups. Our
aim is to support the activities of all groups, regardless of affiliation, by sharing
knowledge and expertise, facilitating links between groups and their members, and
backing innovative grassroots campaign initiatives.

Stay European

What's the plan?
We are building a group of UK citizens who want to stay European. Joining the
campaign is in itself a declaration of your wish to be considered European and
to apply to become an associate citizen of the EU. Once the campaign is large
enough to gain wider attention, we will lobby the EU to create a formal scheme
that we can sign up to.

We are going to do all we can to win official recognition of our status as Europeans
– because whatever happens, in our hearts, we will all forever be European.

Stay in Europe

UK in a changing Europe

The UK in a Changing Europe promotes rigorous, high-quality and independent
research into the complex and ever changing relationship between the UK and the European Union (EU).

It provides an authoritative, non-partisan and impartial reference point for those
looking for information, insights and analysis about UK-EU relations that stands
aside from the politics surrounding the debate. The Initiative’s work is tailored to be easily accessible to policy makers, businesses, journalists, civil society
organisations, educational institutions and the general public who are interested in
the UK’s relationship with the EU.

The UK in a Changing Europe


LSE Brexit is a multidisciplinary, evidence-based blog run by the London School of
Economics and Political Science. It is part of the ‘LSE Programme on Brexit’, run
jointly by the European Institute and the School of Public Policy.

Our aim is to inform the debate on Britain’s exit from the European Union with
accessible commentary and research.


Brexit blog

"Best guy to follow on Brexit for intelligent analysis" Annette Dittert, London Bureau
Chief, ARD German TV. "By far one of the best analysts of Brexit" Sarah Carey,
Times Ireland. "Consistently outstanding analysis of Brexit" Jonathan Dimbleby.
"The best writer on Brexit" Chris Lockwood, Europe Editor, The Economist. "A
must-read for anyone following Brexit" David Allen Green, Financial Times.

Brexit and Beyone

Byline Times


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