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  • Trade bill vote rejects Lords amendment giving MPs greater scrutiny of trade deals. A power British MEPs had for all EU trade deals till we left the EU.  Source (Guardian)
  • ‘The total confusion about post-Brexit rules adds to the distress’: classical musicians speak out  Ten players and administrators on the fallout in government restrictions to EU touring. Source (TheArtsDesk)
  • Brexit is destroying music. Why has the government let this happen?  Source (Guardian)
  • British musicians touring Europe will now face increased costs and paperwork, and more red tape to cover equipment and crew.  Source (Guardian)
  • The National Theatre Halts ‘Financially Unviable’ Post-Brexit Europe Tour Plans.  Source  (Politics Home)
  • Theatre designer warns of obstacles for arts workers in Europe post-Brexit.  Source (The Guardian)

  • UK £35 billion fashion industry facing ‘decimation’ over Brexit trade deal,  Source  (Irish Times)
  • Several UK companies have paused trading with the EU and some have given up entirely.  Source (Financial Times)
  • Many EU businesses have stopped deliveries to UK customers because of Brexit.  Source (TheNewEuropean)
  • New customs declarations mean more red tape and higher costs for UK businesses.  Source  (TheHerald Scotland)
  • The UK on January 1 repealed the EU directive on cross-border tax arrangements, risking more tax avoidance and lower tax revenues.  Source (
  • Not Lovin (Brex)It! Due to supply chains following Brexit, there have already been food shortages, including at McDonald’s.  Source (Wales Online)
  • Exporters advised by Department for International Trade officials to form EU-based companies to circumvent border issues  (no export sales = no profit for the UK = no tax revenue)  Source (Guardian)
  • Cheshire cheesemaker says business left with £250,000 ‘Brexit hole’  Simon Spurrell says his firm lost 20% of sales and will switch £1m investment to France.  Source (Guardian)
  • Annual £7.5bn cost of EU trade as bad for business as no-deal Brexit.   Source (Times)
  • Ford Fiesta ST and Puma ST prices rise “due to Brexit”. Source   (Autocar)
  • Irish Sea border sees hundreds of items disappear from corner shops.  Source  (Newsletter, Belfast)
  • Ireland-Wales trade down 70% year on year as StenaLine shifts towards Ireland-France direct routes.  Source  (Financial Times)
  • Post-Brexit red tape could add £1.50 to bottle of wine warn importers.  Source  (Evening Standard)
  • Truckers face £50 an hour charge waiting for Brexit customs checks.  Source  (Telegraph)
  • Brexit charges are hurting us, say small British businesses.  “Jobs lost will be lost here, that is the Brexit reality.”  Source  (Guardian)
  • British business travellers face a bewildering return to the EU It’s not just new rules that will cause headaches — but the fact they vary from one member state to the next.  Source  (Financial Times)
  • Business travellers will face fines of up to €20,000 (£18,240) if they do not apply for special permits for visits to conferences or exhibitions in the EU.  Source  (Guardian)
  • 150,000 British sellers on Amazon and other online marketplaces hit by Brexit charges.  Source (ITV)
  • Hauliers who charged €1.50 per kilometre now want €10.  They have raised their rates for trips between the EU and the UK by almost 700% to account for disruption and difficulties finding back loads.  Source  (Trans.Info)
  • Brexit Paperwork Sours Belgian Beer Exports to UK. UK is set to slap on VAT of 20% on top of a new export tax of 17.5% for orders over 150 euros.  Source  (Courthouse News)
  • 50 oyster fishermen and women laid off because Defra hasn’t even created the form that allows them to export to Europe after Brexit. Source (Falmouth Packet)
  • At least £100,000 of tariffs have been slapped on Fairtrade bananas from Africa because of Brexit.  Source (Independent)
  • Taxes totalling £800m could go unpaid this year because of border checks on lorries being scaled back to avoid queues at ports after Brexit.  Source (Independent)
  • Exports to EU to plunge by more than one-third because of Boris Johnson’s Brexit trade deal, study warns.  Income per head is forecast to fall by 6 per cent – just 2 per cent less than under a no-deal departure. Source (Independent)
  • British manufacturers’ confidence in their ability to compete in the EU market has fallen to its lowest level since records began 20 years ago.  Source  (CBI)
  • Brexit border delays could see 142,000 tonnes of food wasted in six months, government estimates.  Source  (Independent)
  • Deliveries of items given to charities for sale on the continent have fallen foul of rules of origin requirements, costing charities thousands of pounds.  Source (Guardian)
  • Brexit makes it more expensive to say it with flowers.  Source (ITV)
  • Number 10 snubs interior design giants’ protests over trade barriers  Source (Evening Standard)
  • UK retailers stumped by post-Brexit trade deal with EU.  Source (Financial Times)
  • JD boss says Brexit is costing it ‘double-digit millions’ and 1,000 jobs could move to EU.  Source (Mirror)
  • Red tape, added costs and plenty of confusion: Classic car firms reveal the toll Brexit has already had.  Source (This is Money)
  • Nearly half of UK exporters having Brexit difficulties, survey finds.  Source (Start Ups)
  • Brexit woes: small UK distillers struggle to ship gin and whisky to EU.  Source (Financial Times)
  • RSHP opens Paris office in response to ‘profoundly regressive’ Brexit.  Source (Architects’ Journal)
  • Call for UK to rethink £1bn Brexit red tape plan for chemicals.  Source (Financial Times)
  • More ‘Brexit’ companies shift to the Netherlands as uncertainty persists.  Source  (Reuters)
  • Covid has damaged our small businesses. Now Brexit might finish them off.  Source  (Guardian)
  • ‘We’ve been chucked into the dark ages’ – Racehorse industry insiders on Brexit realities.  Source (Racingpost)

  • Cheshire Police officers sent to Kent to help manage Brexit traffic chaos.  Source  (Warrington Guardian)
  • ‘An invisible traffic jam of exports’ as shipper anxiety buildsSource (The Loadstar)
  • Sussex medicines firm takes production line abroad in white van to beat Brexit ban.  UK assembly line at standstill as pharmaceutical company sets up in Amsterdam and plans EU expansion.  Source (Guardian)

  • Could Brexit Destroy British Fashion?  Source (New York Times)

  • Brexit is closing doors for UK architects working in Europe.  Source (Architects Journal)
  • Trucking hell – how the Brexit deal put the brakes on European touring.  Source  (West Country Bylines)

  • State offers loan support to foreign buyers of UK goods.  Source (Financial Times)

  • 20% of UK chemicals registrations face revocation after Brexit.  Source (Euractiv)

  • Brexit trade delays getting worse at UK border, survey find.  Two out of three supply chain managers report experiencing import delays of ‘two to three days’.  Source (Guardian)
  • Brexit has complicated trade – and that friction will end up hitting the bottom line.  Source (The Grocer)

  • Exports to EU to plunge by more than one-third because of Boris Johnson’s Brexit trade deal, study warns.  Income per head is forecast to fall by 6 per cent – just 2 per cent less than under a no-deal departure.  Source (Independent)

  • One-in-four UK exporters looking to cut out EU customers post-Brexit.  Source (City A.M.)

  • Brexit challenges threaten to slow manufacturing’s come back in West Midlands – report. The latest Manufacturing Barometer found Brexit issues are causing SME manufacturers in the region ‘significant disruption’.  Source (Business Live)

  • Brexit: Lamb exporter to EU ‘making virtually nothing’.  Source (BBC)

  • Anger builds among manufacturers as EU customers cancel orders due to Brexit red tape.  Source (Independent)

  • Brexit red tape.  Source (Independent)

    Brexit red tape is leading to shortages in some UK supermarkets. At least one leading freight forwarding agent is warning that some hauliers may simply refuse to deliver goods to Britain rather than deal with all the revised paperwork and red tape involved.  Source (Euronews)

  • Stellantis Deciding Whether to Close U.K. Plant After Brexit.  Source (Yahoo Finance)

  • Wine Trade – post-Brexit plans are of “great concern” to the UK trade and risk wine being diverted away from the UK market, affecting all sectors, including the already hard-hit hospitality industry, that rely on sales.  Source (The Drinks Business)

  • Supermarket shelves are hit by Brexit port chaos and staff shortages as stores start to run low on fruit and veg.  Source (Daily Mail)

  • Brexit Paperwork Sours Belgian Beer Exports to UK.  Source (Courthouse News)

  • Exports to EU to plunge by more than one-third because of Boris Johnson’s Brexit trade deal, study warns.  Income per head is forecast to fall by 6 per cent – just 2 per cent less than under a no-deal departure.  Source (Independent)

  • Brexit issues are causing small to medium-sized (SME) manufacturers in the West Midlands ‘significant disruption’. 71 per cent of companies have seen negative price changes within their supply chain since leaving the EU, with the availability of raw materials an issue for 47 per cent of firms.  Source (Business Live)
  • Brexit: Concern over plan for wine import papers.  Dozens of UK wine merchants and retailers have called on government to scrap plans for new post-Brexit import papers, warning they already face higher costs and drinkers will lose out.  Source (Decanter)

  • Car firms ‘paddling furiously’ to maintain post-Brexit supply chains.  Source (LBC)
  • Your parcel is in the post… for two months, thanks to Brexit.  Some customers are having to pay extra customs and courier fees.  Source (The Times)
  • UK importers brace for ‘disaster’ as new Brexit customs checks loom.  Exporters badly hit already but KPMG says ‘biggest headaches’ have yet to come’ for importers.  Source (The Guardian)
  • Sheffield climbing firm sets up in Holland to beat Brexit damage.  Source (The Star)
  • Brexit-linked red tape and higher prices already hitting small South West manufacturers, survey shows.   61% have already seen negative price changes within their supply chain, while the availability of raw materials is an issue for 52%.

    Some 53% had encountered complications with importing goods and 43% were finding exporting their products more difficult.  Source (Swindon Business)
  • Germany’s exports to the UK fell 30% in January. Exports from Germany to the UK started to decline in 2016, when the Brexit referendum took place. There has also been a decline in exports from the UK to Germany. In 2020, exports fell by 9.6% to 34.7 billion euros compared to the previous year.  Source (Trans Info)

  • Brexit has driven 2,500 finance jobs and €170bn to France, says bank governor. Source (Guardian)
  • €6 billion of EU share trading has moved away from the City and is lost for good. Source (Financial Times)
  • The loss of passporting rights on January 1 has put the financial services sector (7% of the UK economy) at risk. Source (CNBC)
  • MEPs vote to add Channel and British Virgin Islands to tax haven blacklist UK overseas territories such as Cayman Islands also may lose protection once afforded by UK’s EU membership. Source (Guardian)
  • “Britain is now losing its very strong position in trading of European equities in London,” Source  (Independent)
  • Chemical companies, facing costly new regulations and extra tariffs, are looking to the continent. It is a concern that is spread across Britain’s £33 billion (or about $45 billion) a year chemical industry. Source (New York Times)
  • London Fund Managers See Post-EU Threat to $2 Trillion Business. Source  (Bloomberg)
  • EU opens up to US clearing houses in blow to City of London. Source (CityA.M.)
  • Brexit hit to London may top £9.5bn a year without EU financial services deal. Source (City AM)
  • Amsterdam ousts London as Europe’s top share trading hub. Source (Financial Times)
  • Amsterdam punctures City’s post-Brexit hopes. Source (Financial Times)
  • Brexit trade deal to swipe £45bn from UK economy over two years, EU analysis finds. Source (Independent)
  • Brexit cost will be four times greater for UK than EU, Brussels forecasts. Source (Guardian)
  • Morgan Stanley Bases Global Capital Markets Head in Germany. Source (Bloomberg)
  • Universities are forecast to lose an estimated £62.5 million per year in tuition fees as a result of Brexit. Source (Forbes)
  • Derivatives trade worth billions flees London for New York post-Brexit. Source (Yahoo Finance)
  • Britain’s fintech crown is under assault.  Entrepreneurs lament complacency in London just as other capitals are muscling in.  Source (Economist)

  • Brexit: Ending the City’s Dominance of European Finance?  Source (Federal Trust)

  • Brexit-backing Sunderland says it is not receiving same level of funding outside EU.  Source (London Economic)

  • Post-Brexit Cornwall to receive only 5% of what it needs to replace EU funding.  Source (The New European)

  • BoE governor warns EU over derivatives clearing power grab.  Bank of England expects the City of London to lose £25 trillion to £89 trillion in European derivatives trading business over the next year.  Source (Financial Times)

  • City firms revealed in the final months of 2020 that they planned to shift nearly £100bn in assets to the EU, taking the total value of assets lost to the bloc since the Brexit vote to £1.3 trillion, according to a new survey.  Source (The Guardian)

  • Business secretary confirms post-Brexit review of UK workers’ rights. Source (Guardian) Remember “To restore Britain’s competitiveness we must begin by deregulating the labour market. Political objections must be overridden. It is too difficult to hire and fire and too expensive to take on new employees. It is intellectually unsustainable to believe that workplace rights should remain untouchable while output and employment are clearly cyclical.” Liam Fox 2012)
Review of UK workers’ rights post-Brexit is axed in sudden U-turn. Source (Guardian)
  • Government to let farmers use bee-killing pesticide banned in EU. Source (Independent)
  • ‘Bee-killing’ pesticide now will not be used on UK sugar beet fields.  Source (The Guardian)

  • UK ministers gain power to allow lower-standard food imports. Source  (Guardian)
  • EU Says A Post-Brexit Shellfish Export Ban Is Indefinite, After Government Claimed It Was Only Temporary. Source (Politics Home)
  • British beekeeper told his order of 15 million baby Italian bees would be destroyed if he tried to import them. Source  (Independent)
  • Brexit threatens heritage and organic seed supply. Source (Wicked Leeks)
  • Australia deal threatens British farming. Source  (WestEnglandBylines)
  • More than 100,000 British pigs stranded by Brexit border problems. Source (Financial Times)
  • Iconic Somerset cider business hit by Johnson’s trade deal. “Brexit has caused a stumbling block that a family-run business like ours cannot simply overcome.”  Source  (West Country Bylines)
  • EU sinks UK hopes of overturning shellfish ban. Source (Financial Times)
  • Meat processors trade in EU to bypass Brexit export woes. Source (FoodManufacture)
  • 53 Tons of Rotting Pork and Other Brexit Nightmares. Source (New York Times)
  • “Brexit is taking us back to 1995 work practices” Source (Flanders News)
  • Brexit forces world’s largest daffodil farm to let flowers rot in fields.  Source (Cornwall Live)

  • Our countryside faces huge challenges post-Brexit, and the Welsh Government’s plan only scratches the surface.  Source (Nation.Cymru)

  • Sausages and other chilled meats produced in Great Britain are set to be banned in Northern Ireland from July 1.  Source (London Economic)

  • Brexit forces Northern Ireland buyers to cancel orders for 100,000 trees.  Source (Guardian)

  • A zoo says its conservation programme has stalled due to a lack of post-Brexit paperwork.  Source (BBC)

  • UK pet food industry hurt by Brexit checks and red tape.  Source (Financial Times) 

  • Brexit bureaucracy and disruption costs Scottish salmon farmers £11 million.  Source (Scottish Salmon)

  • Brexit has robbed Britain of the mechanism to deliver on climate change.  Source (The New European)

  • Public trust ‘eroded’ by ministers flirting with post-Brexit cuts to food and animal welfare standards, report warns.  Source (Independent)

  • Young people are more anxious about Brexit than catching Covid-19, study finds. Source (New European)
  • Brexit has delivered the ‘biggest loss of rights in history’, according to two legal experts. Source (BestForBritain & Le Monde
  • UK students lose Erasmus membership in Brexit deal. Source (Guardian)
  • Fears language degrees at risk as Erasmus replacement focuses on UK trade agenda.  Source (Guardian)

  • Thousands of UK language students left in limbo as Brexit hits travel plans.  Universities say they have received inadequate guidance on red tape and costs for academic years abroad.  Source (Guardian)

  • More costs, paperwork, delays and limits on travel to the EU. Source (Guardian)
  • Travellers returning from the EU will be restricted to 18 litres of wine (24 bottles), 42 litres of beer and 4 litres of spirits or liqueurs over 22% in alcohol – plus up to 200 cigarettes. Source (Guardian)
  • From time-consuming paperwork to new training, vets count cost of scrapping pet passports. Source (INews)
  • There is no mutual recognition of professional qualifications in the deal, causing complications for those such as doctors, accountants and architects. Source (Guardian)
  • Only 90 days in a 180 day period are allowed (from 2022 you will need to pay €7 to visit) so if you want to stay in Europe longer you will need to apply for a long stay visa.  France-Visas  The official visa website for France
  • Reduction of free healthcare. Although the EHIC (soon to be GHIC) card will cover you for medical emergencies the long stay visa requires repatriation cover as well. (Cheapest Schengen visa insurance found by us to date:   Source (
  • Possible return of roaming charges
  • French bank lays out tougher mortgage requirements for Brits buying second homes. Source  (TheLocalFrance)
  • EU citizens offered financial incentives to leave UK. Source (Guardian)
  • UK au pairs under threat from new immigration rules on which 45,000 working families depend. Source (Financial Times)
  • British riders may be unable to race in Europe under new Brexit rules. “The UK has a huge number of sporting professionals, young and training athletes that travel year-round to Europe to train and compete.”  Source (Road CC)

  • UK airlines warn of job losses as they lose business to Brexit.  Carriers say they are severely disadvantaged when applying for flight permits under new rules.  Source (Guardian)

  • Britain’s au pair system ‘killed’ by Brexit.  Source (Euractiv)

  • Cost of post-Brexit travel for horses to EU up 300%: call for evidence to improve situation.  The cost of travelling horses abroad by ferry has increased by around 318% since the end of the Brexit transition period.  Source (Horse and Hound)

  • As homeowners in Spain, we worry that Brexit has ruined the expat reputation.  Source (Metro)

  • Here in Italy, there are now many British nationals, often long term residents, whose lives have suddenly been brought to an abrupt stop.  Source (Repubblica Italy)

  • Biggest Foreign-Worker Exodus Since WWII Adds to Britain’s Woes.  Source (Bloomberg)

  • Travel jobs at risk because of Brexit, say trade groups.  An estimated 20,000 Britons employed in the UK’s “outbound” travel industry are affected, according to ABTA but there are more in UK reliant on sales.  Source (Financial Times)

  • 900,000 UK boaters set to be hit by post-Brexit travel rules, Royal Yachting Association survey finds.  Source (Sail World)

  • Brexit: What does it mean for security in the UK?  Source  (BBC)
  • Brexit leaves UK and EU diminished in fight against international crime. Source (Financial Times)
  • Nordic and European security issues left unanswered because of Brexit.  Source (Euractiv)

  • Trust between the EU and the UK is in short supply. This poses risks to British-European security relations.  Source (LSE)

  • Building a Super Life Science Industry will be vital for UK to navigate the challenges of Brexit. Along with the EMA’s departure went 900 jobs undertaken by highly qualified personnel and 40,000 business visits.  Source  (LondonEconomic)
  • Mother fears son could die as Brexit stops medical cannabis supply. Source (Guardian)
  • Tories vote down protections for NHS in trade deals. The full list of MPs who voted the amendment down (including John Glen)  Source  (LondonEconomic)
  • Brexit Border Friction Led to “Two Or Three Hundred Consignments” Of Cancer Drugs Being Destroyed. Source  (Politics Home)
  • ‘My disabled child has no wheelchair due to Brexit red tape,’ Source  (LBC)
  • Six year old’s vital medication runs out because of Brexit changes.  Source (ITV)

Yorkshire Bylines

The Davis Downside Dossier

Yorkshire Bylines

The Digby Jones Index

Regularly Updated
The index of jobs lost through Brexit that Lord Digby Jones said we wouldn’t lose

West England Bylines

The Brexit Deal - A Report Card

West England Bylines

Welcome to 2021 – Outside the EU


The Brexit deal locks the UK into continued Strasbourg Human Rights court membership

The Independent

The government has been accused of undermining parliamentary scrutiny

The government has been accused of undermining parliamentary scrutiny, Jacob Rees-Mogg shuts down Commons Brexit committee


Diplomatic Status

British government refuses to grant EU representatives' full diplomatic status in London after Brexit

Chris Grey

Brexit and Beyond

The Chris Grey Brexit Blog regularly updated

"Brexit Benefit" Claims v The Reality:

‘Benefit’ 1:

“Brexit has enabled UK to axe the ‘Tampon Tax’”

The Free Periods campaign group said it was "misleading" for the UK government to say Brexit was necessary to eliminate VAT on menstrual products. Ireland does not have VAT on sanitary products, and an EU-wide ban will be implemented soon.

‘Benefit’ 2:

“Brexit means we can now ban Pulse Fishing”

France and Belgium have already outlawed the practice in their territorial waters. The UK could have done the same when it was still a member of the EU. An EU-wide ban comes into force on July 1 2021.

‘Benefit’ 3:

“After Brexit we can have free ports”

There are more than 80 special economic zones, or free ports, across the EU, so they could have been done pre-Brexit. And in any case, they are of limited value, and can often be a haven for money laundering and tax evasion.

‘Benefit’ 4:

“There will be no non-tariff barriers after Brexit”

From English fish merchants and Scottish seafood exporters to hauliers crossing the Dover Straits, British businesses are unable to trade as smoothly as before, with new barriers meaning some companies will be unable to export at all and others are being turned away at ports.

‘Benefit’ 5:

“Because of Brexit, freed from EU rules, we were able to approve vaccines quicker”

The Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine approvals took place within the framework of EU rules, while the Moderna vaccine has already been approved by EU regulators - but because of Brexit, its availability in Britain will be delayed until April.