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The Wiltshire Alliance for Europe

The Wiltshire Alliance for Europe is a loose federation of pro-European groups from Salisbury, Swindon, Devizes and North Wilts, echoing the ‘Unity in diversity’ motto of the EU. Holding the shared ambition and purpose of retaining close economic, social and political relationships with the EU and of one day rejoining. 

Working together we have the strength in a collective voice and the mutual support in contributing to the work and cause on the road ahead. 

At the same time, we value our autonomy as local groups, remaining in touch with and responsive to the thousands of supporters that the  various groups represent.  Able to organise local meetings, events and campaigns as independent groups in response to the collective decisions of our local supporters. 

Salisbury 4 Europe, a local group, but with strength in a shared community.

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