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Mike Galsworthy is the co-founder of Scientists for EU and Healthier in EU and is a visiting researcher at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  He is also co-founder & co-director of the Bylines Network* and is a European Movement Ambassador.

Bylines is a network of regional online newspapers that is built on citizen journalism, and nurtures democracy by giving local people a voice.  A not-for-profit citizen journalism publication. Their aim is to publish well-written, fact-based articles and opinion pieces.


Wiltshire Alliance Group

We have formed an alliance with other Wiltshire groups to create Wiltshire Alliance for Europe
  • Devizes for Europe
  • North Wilts & Chippenham for Europe
  • Salisbury for Europe
  • South West Wiltshire for Europe
  • Swindon for Europe
Wiltshire Alliance

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