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Salisbury For Europe – Position Statement

Salisbury for Europe has campaigned since 2016 to remain in the European Union. Now we have a proposed Withdrawal Agreement explaining what exiting the EU really means for the country, we are also campaigning for a People’s Vote.

Polls now show that the majority of your constituents in Salisbury wish to remain a member of the European Union (i). The ongoing confusion and chaos surrounding Brexit is creating massive uncertainty for all your constituents. National news reports and our own research over the last couple of months worry us deeply that leaving the European Union means:

There is no other way to say it – this is a national emergency. It is painfully clear to one and all that Parliament is in chaos, and the government has lost control of politics.

We believe it is imperative now that you put the economic and social interests of Salisbury constituents and the country above party politics.

This means:

  1. Supporting, or tabling yourself (or with colleagues) any amendment on February 14th which removes No Deal as an option.
  2. Withdrawing Article 50.
  3. Calling a People’s Vote so the country can decide its own future.

Mr Glen, as our MP your constituents would like you to tell us:

  • how you will prevent No Deal.
  • how your vote to support Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement in Parliament will benefit your constituents over remaining in the European Union.




(i) Survation (November 2018). Largest independent  study on Brexit found that only 47.6% of Wiltshire residents would vote Leave. YouGov (Dec 2018). Found the highest preference when asked to rank Remain, Deal, No Deal in order of preference in Salisbury was Remain over any other option. 44% higher than either No Deal or the May Withdrawal Agreement.

(ii) Wiltshire Farms employ 10% of the South West’s entire workforce.