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Here are the links to the videos of the recent Grassroots Event.

Welcome and opening remarks at conference:

Keynote speech by Will Hutton:

and from Dominic Grieve:

WNFR – “What were they thinking?” and “How we lost again, What can we learn?”

There were 6 Breakout Sessions: (A,B & C in the morning, D,E & F in the afternoon)

A: How We Lost Again, What Can We Learn?

The grassroots view of the post-referendum campaign

B: A Hostile Environment

Defending EU citizens in the UK & UK citizens in the EU

C: The Post Truth Age

How can we bring trust & honesty back to politics?

D: Brexit isn’t “Getting Done”

Keeping the public informed as the Brexit chickens come home to roost

Link to session:

E: Democracy in Crisis

How do we achieve a parliament that represents all the people?

F: Let’s Stay Friends

Building new links & partnerships with Europe

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