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Make Votes Matter believes the House of Commons should be elected by Proportional Representation – so seats in Parliament match how the people vote – and that every vote should count, regardless of where you live or who you vote for. We invite you to support the movement for Proportional Representation so we can win real democracy in the UK.

The UK faces simultaneous crises: of the nation’s approach to the pandemic, of climate breakdown, of economic inequality, and about our relationship with Europe. We believe these are at their roots all crises of democracy; either caused or exacerbated by a political system that is unresponsive and ineffective because of our undemocratic First Past the Post electoral system.

We are committed to putting in place the necessary conditions for electoral reform to take place in the next Parliament. These include securing a commitment to PR from the Labour Party, building an unprecedented Alliance of pro-PR political parties, organisations and public figures, and an organised and assertive grassroots movement. Join us!

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PS The only other country in Europe that currently uses the FPTP system is Belarus. Time to think again!